Top smartphone manufacturers in 2017

Chinese smartphone (and electronics in general) had a bad reputation in the past. Most considered them cheap products that would break in just a few months and the build quality was bad. However, in the past years, China had a constant growth when it came to technology improvements. It steadily became the world’s “electronic’s factory” and started to produce everything from smartphones, to tablets, TVs, radios and almost anything you can imagine. Still, for a long time, the actual engineering part was done outside of China by the parent companies while Chinese factories were only responsible for the actual assembly. Just as an example, every Apple product has the following text: “Assembled in China, Designed by Apple in California”.

But things changed in the past 5 years and with the knowledge and know-how they learned from western companies, China started to produce their own electronics. Now 7 out of the top 10 smartphone brands are Chinese companies that not only assemble the product there but also design, engineer, and conceive every electronics right at home. The top 2 positions are still held by companies from other countries, South Korea (Samsung Mobile) and USA (Apple), but after only one other company manages to get in the top 10, LG. Yes, the fact that China has a far greater population than the US or Europe helps, but many of the companies sell their products outside of China.

Below is the exact list of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers from 2017

1. Samsung
2. Apple
3. Huawei
4. Oppo
5. Xiaomi
6. Vivo
7. LG
8. ZTE
9. Lenovo (including Motorola)
10. Alcatel (brand licensed to TCL)

Source: IDC

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