Gaming Smartphone Nubia Red Magic Mars available for pre-order at just $550

A few days ago ZTE announced a new smartphone with a focus on gaming, the Nubia Red Magic Mars. Those of you that are familiar with this brand, may remember that a Red Magic phone was already available from Nubia, however, that one featured a Snapdragon 835 CPU, which is so last year. Now an updated version is available that comes with the latest Snapdragon 845 CPU, improved thermals and more features that will help the smartphone handle any game you throw at it.

Let’s start with the specs. The gaming smartphone Nubia Red Magic Mars comes with a Snapdragon 845 CPU, the best the currently is on the market, 6GB or GB of RAM, depending on the selected model and 64GB or 128GB respectively of internal storage. So far nothing out of the ordinary for a 2018 smartphone. Where this smartphone stands out is the design and the gaming-specific functions that come bundled within its hardware. From the outside, you can clearly tell that this phone is intended for gaming. It has sharp edges, an RGB light on the back and even the camera and fingerprint are hexagonal, instead of the round shape that is usually present. It comes with cooling holes in all 4 corners of the case that help with airflow and keep the CPU temperature in check and not to mention liquid cooling inside.

In the front the ZTE Nubia Red Magic Mars comes with a 6″ FullHD+ screen (that sadly does NOT offer 120Hz refresh rate) and on-screen buttons. There are a few more things that catch the eye on the sides of the phone. It comes with dual-speakers on both top and bottom of the phone with support for DTSx7.1 and 3D stereo sound, improved haptic feedback (which ZTE calls 4D intelligent Shock) for a better feel of the game and side touch buttons for better control during gameplay. On the left side, there is also a switch (similar to the one that OnePlus has) that activates gaming mode where call and notifications are blocked and CPU frequency is increased.

The ZTE Nubia Red Magic Mars comes with Android 9 out of the box and a skin on top that has a gaming look-and-feel to it. It also comes with specially made software that monitor and control CPU frequency and temperatures, map the side touch buttons to different actions and a bunch of other features that will be welcomed during a gaming session in Fortnite. Now, all these specs and futures do come with a price, but it is way cheaper than you expect. The base model of the ZTE Nubia Red Magic Mars starts at just $550 (available here for pre-order) and the 8GB/128GB version will set you back $647 (available for pre-order here). The phone is not cheap but compared to other high-end smartphones (especially gaming-centered ones) the price is pretty good. It is the cheapest gaming smartphone there currently is, considering the specs. Also, note that a 10GB/256GB version will be available in the future as well, but price is not yet known.

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