Cheapest Robot Vacuum cleaner – MinSu NV-01

I was looking to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for quite a while now. But the price of an iRobot compared to a more traditional one kept me at bay. Even the Xiaomi models go for over $300 and I am not sold on the power they can generate, and thus the capacity to clean my carpets. But since I don’t like to vacuum (who does), I keep on going back to searching for an automatic/robotic vacuum cleaner that will do the job for me. And today I think I found one that looks promising: the MinSu NV-01.

Don’t get confused, I am still not sold on such a device. But unlike other similar vacuum cleaners, the MinSu NV-01 is cheap. I think that it is the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner I found with these specs, having a price tag of just $160. Cheap enough to be worth the risk of getting one. But even though it is cheap, it comes with some nice functions. You find all the generic stuff like anti-collision detection, infrared positioning, and automatic recharging. However, the company advertises some more expensive features like smart planning, good smartphone app where you can see the visual map of the room, both sweep and mop function, as well as Amazon Alexa integration for voice control. Not bad for a $160 device.

Below you can see the full specs sheet of the device. And those that are interested can order one by following this link.

MinSu NV-01 Specifications:

Chip: ARM380S smart chip
Sensor: gyro + ultrasound + infrared
Control modes: button / remoter / App / voice control
Voice control: Amazon Alexa
Sweeping mode: rolling brush and suction auto convert
Suction: 2200pa
Power: 30W
Noise: 65db
Working time: 2h
Battery: 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery
Battery life: 1000 times
Dust box capacity: 500ml
Water tank capacity: 100ml
Material: aluminum alloy + ABS
Obstacle avoidance height: 15mm
Climbing ability: 15 degree

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