Expect a lot of Chinese phones with 5G and the new Snapdragon 855

Yesterday Qualcomm announced it’s latest flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 855. All major tech websites reported this so I am not going into many details about the chipset. The basic things you need to know is that it is built on a 7nm lithography, support’s Qualcomm’s new 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, comes with special AI cores that should speed many tasks when editing photos automatically or using the Google Assistant. But the most notable feature is that the new Snapdragon 855 comes with 5G support.

What is important for our site, however, is the Chinese manufacturers that will use this new chipset. And lucky for us, we have a list. No release date yet for when to expect the first smartphones with Snapdragon 855, but the first models should come out in the first half of 2019. Most probably we will see a few announcements as early as MWC. This is great news considering that there were some really good smartphones (and very affordable) released this year that came with the Snapdragon 845. Just look at the Pocophone. Most probably the trend will be the same in 2019, but with the updated chipset and 5G on board.

Anyway, to speed things up, the Chinese partners that will release phones with Snapdragon 855 next year are below:
– OnePlus
– Xiaomi
– Oppo
– Vivo
– Motorola/Lenovo

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