Xiaomi ready to launch their first Android Go smartphone: Redmi Go

Xiaomi is very close to launching their first Android Go device. The smartphone has been spotted in Singapore’s IMDA, the US’ FCC and Russia’s EEC. The device, that will probably get called Xiaomi Redmi Go, will have very modest specs. The listing of a device with the model number M1903C3GG tells of a phone with 1GB of RAM, dual-sim support, WiFi at 2.4GHz only and, judging by the phone’s size (141 x 71 mm), a screen that is smaller than 6″. Yes, I know, it is a modest phone, but considering the specs and that it will run Android 9 Go Edition, the version destined for low-budget devices, it will probably cost less than $100 (maybe even lower than that). Furthermore, there are changes that this phone will hit US stores officially.

Source: GSMArena

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