Ulefone will launch the first rugged 5G Smartphone

Manufacturers are trying to be the first (or among the first) to release a 5G smartphone. being able to say ‘first’ seems to be a big deal for many, so they come with more and more ways to be able to do that. We know that Xiaomi is preparing a 5G version of the Mi Mix 3 and OnePlus will launch one of the first 5G smartphones in Europe, but Ulefone is taunting us by saying that they will release the first 5G rugged smartphone. We don’t have pricing or a release date yet, but it should not be too far away. Probably in the next two months, we will get all the details.

What we know now however is the design, thanks to some images posted on the official website, and most of the internal specs. Ulephone Armor 6 will come with a Helio P60 chipset, a mid-range CPU found in many Chinese smartphones nowadays, and 6GB of RAM. You also get 128GB of internal storage for all your photos and videos. The screen has a 6.2″ FullHD screen with a notch at the top that is covered by Gorilla Glass 5 for extra protection. This is a rugged smartphone so the screen should be as resistant as possible. On the back of the phone, we get a dual-camera setup consisting of a 21MP sensor and a 13MP one, a fingerprint reader and a UV Light sensor, something that is rarely seen on smartphones.

Ulephone Armor 6 also comes with other interesting features, like water resistance (again, it is a rugged phone meant to be used outside and in though environment a lot), wireless charging for the 5000mAh battery and NFC that can also be used for payments. There are changes that two versions will be sold, one that only has 4G connectivity, and one with 5G connectivity. What we know for sure is that the 5G Ulefone Armor 6 will come with the new Mediatek helio M70 modem. Exciting time for 5G phones ahead, but remember that they will be significantly more expensive than 4G phones, at least in the beginning.

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