Stable Android Pie update for Oneplus 5 and 5T

It was just a couple of weeks ago since OnePlus released the beta version of Android Pie for the 5/5t series from last year and today the company started to roll out the stable release of the OS. It is very impressive to see such great work from the company and they managed to keep their promise of having Android 9 available for their smartphones by the end of the year. Many other companies with much more renowned names in the industry, like Samsung, still don’t have a stable version for their 2018 flagship device, let alone a smartphone released more than a year ago. OnePlus proved once again that good updates is one key ingredient in having a successful business model.

I must mention that the OnePlus 6 and 6T got Android Pie updates more than two months ago, and it feels like ages now. Those that are interested in buying the latest smartphone from OnePlus can use this link to get an extra $20 discount on accessories.

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