Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Review – Elegance in a full-screen body


Xiaomi may have outdone themselves when it comes to design. All the smartphones released on the Mi Mix brand were beautiful, with top quality materials and excellent performance. But the Xiaomi Mi MIx 3 is special, being the first device from the company with a slider mechanism and the one the highest screen to body ration they launched so far. But beauty is not everything when it comes to smartphones. Luckily, the Mi Mix 3 delivers on all fronts. The Snapdragon 845 CPU can handle anything you throw at it: games, productivity apps, video and photo editing. There is more than enough RAm to keep all your apps in the background even on the 6GB version and the 128GB storage space on the base model will satisfy everybody. MIUI, even though not suitable for everybody, is one of the best customizations there is and, once a Global ROM will be launched, it will get even better. Camera performance is good, but no the best. Xiaomi still has some tricks to learn from Samsung and Google, but the picture and video quality are still great.

Currently, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is being sold for around $580 for the base model, with the higher tier models reaching close to $750. Yes, it is more expensive than a OnePlus 6t, but the higher quality materials and non-standard design may be worth it (+ don’t forget about the extra accessories included). And it is still less expensive than the best Samsung or Apple has to offer. Below you can see the price for the device on a few Chinese websites that have the phone in stock.

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