Pocophone F2 appears in Geekbench

Xiaomi is clearly working on the next Pocophone and, to be honest, why shouldn’t they. The Pocophone F1 sold very well. It offered great specs and an affordable price, way cheaper than what other manufacturers charged for similarly speced smartphones. Today we learned from multiple sources that Pocophone F2 has appeared listed in Geekbench, a clear sign that the company is testing the capabilities of the device. This also provides us with some details about the internals.

According to the listing, the new Pocophone F2 will come with the same Snapdragon 845 CPU and 6GB of RAM. Here we don’t see any changes compared to the first generation, so Xiaomi will most probably improve on other fronts. We can expect a better camera, a department where Pocophone F1 did not do very well. The big notch at the top will also probably suffer some changes and be replaced with a waterdrop style one. It would be also really cool to see an AMOLED screen this time, but I won’t hold my breath for this. Going back to the Geekbench listing, the device managed to get 2321 points on the single-core test and 7565 points on the multi-core one.

Those that are still interested in the first Pocophone, most Chinese retailers have it available for less than $350, including when shipped from EU. The cheapest I could find is at $299 when shipped from China and $339 when shipped from Germany. You can check them out at the links below:
* Pocophone F1 price – China warehouse
* Pocophone F1 price – Germany warehouse

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