[VIDEO] Xiaomi has a working foldable phone prototype

It is no secret that most big smartphone manufacturers are working on foldable smartphones. Being able to transform your device from a smartphone into a tablet and back again whenever you want is a bit deal. The technology is not truly there yet, but prototypes exist and they seem to be very close to an actual product. Evan Blass, best known as @evleaks, posted a video on his Twitter account with what seems to be a device that runs MIUI and can fold at will. It is has a main screen that seems to be about the size of a 7″ or 8″ tablet. However, the user managing it folds it on both sides to transform it into a smartphone.

We don’t know for sure if it is real. Even Evan Blass says that he can’t confirm the authenticity of the video (yet), but it does seem to be well made for a fake. Also, because of the dark room where this was filmed, we don’t know any other aspect of the device’s design. Also, internal specs are missing. But with technology moving very fast, I won’t be surprised if next year Xiaomi will have a fully working, commercially available tablet that can fold into a smartphone. Video below.

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