Meizu CEO confirms the Meizu Note 9: 48MP camera, SD6150 CPU

Meizu’s CEO, Jack Wong, has revealed in a post on Weibo that they are working on a new smartphone, the Meizu Note 9. Even though we had rumors about the device for a while, this post officially confirms it’s existence, as well as some internal specifications. The 48MP camera will be the biggest trend in 2019 it seems. Even though the Meizu Note 9 will be a mid-range device, it will have such a camera module on the back. This is excellent news for people that want a good camera on their phone, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a flagship device. Jack Wong also revealed that the Meizu Note 9 will come with a yet unreleased Snapdragon 6150 CPU. This chipset has appeared in Geekbench before and we know it is a mid-range CPU with 8 cores and supports FullHD+ screens.

A few pictures of the device were also posted. From those, we know that it has a waterdrop notch at the top of the screen and pretty slim bezels. It looks very similar to other devices released in the bast two months. This is the first smartphone released by Meizu that has a notch. Pricing is not yet revealed, however, we expect it to be a good competitor for Xiaomi’s Redmi line-up.

Source: Sparrownews

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