Xiaomi Redmi 7 appears in video – quite resilient I must add

A new video was posted from Redmi’s team where they test the durability of the device. In the video (below), we can see a few employees stepping and even jumping on the device to prove that it is very resistant and that it can handle quite a beating. Not the most orthodox way to show your brand new device, but it is very effective in catching our attention. At the end of the video, it is shown that even though the Xiaomi Remi 7 has a glass back, it manages to survive very well, without any cracks on either side…and it still works as before.

The device will come with a 5.3″ FullHD+ display that has a waterdrop notch and a Snapdragon 675 CPU. The most interesting part though will be the 48MP camera on the back that promises excellent pictures and videos. The glass back may also suggest that wireless charging will be included for the 3900mAh battery, but this was not confirmed yet. Pricing is not final but the Redmi 7 should cost less than $430 at launch, as indicated by Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun.

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