New teaser for the new Redmi phone, two days before launch

With only two days left to go until Xiaomi releases it’s upcoming Redmi phone with a 48MP camera, a new teaser was released on Weibo. The image below was posted on Redmi’s official Weibo page along with the text that translates to “The 48MP Ultra Clear camera is different”. It is unclear in what way it is different or compared to what, but all the hints and leaks suggest that this device will have some cool features aimed for photography. Also, based on the image, we can clearly say that the camera is backed by AI to improve image quality.

Yesterday we saw a video where a few men stepped on the device to test its durability. There we saw the 6.3″ screen with a waterdrop notch as well as the camera placement on the back. This is the first time a Redmi phone will have such a performant camera module and Lei Jun also confirmed that the phone will feature super night scene for improved photography in low light conditions. Furthermore, he said that the company has worked a lot to improve build quality of their devices.

Source: Weibo

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