Xiaomi Blackshark Skywalker spotted in Geekbench

It looks like Xiaomi is close to release a new gaming smartphone in the Blackshark family. The latest, going by the codename ‘Skywalker’, was spotted in Geekbench and, as expected, we now know a few of its internal specs. The Blackshark devices are gaming-centric smartphones that feature the best hardware possible so that you have no lag or delays. The new device seems to go on the same route by offering the new Snapdragon 855 chipset. The actual chipset is not shown, but the score received as well as the given configuration for the CPU are in line with what we know about the SD855.

To be more precise, Xiaomi Blackshark Skywalker got 3494 points in single-core tests and a whopping 11149 in multi-core tests. The CPU is clocked at 1.8GHz, but I won’t be surprised if the final version will have it slightly overclocked. Considering that this is a test device, we can expect the final version to perform even better once released. Other known specs include 8GB of RAM and not much else. No official release date was announced yet, but rumors say that the phone may be revealed sometime in March.

Source Geekbench via Sparrownews

Note: Image is of Xiaomi Blackshark 2, NOT Xiaomi Blackshark Skywalker

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