Doogee S90 will be a modular smartphone with a very attractive price-tag

Doogee announced today their next rugged smartphone, but this time they will be doing something new and rather unique, especially for a Chinese company. The Doogee S90 will be a modular smartphone that will have some very attractive modules available right from the start. The modular design is very similar to what Motorola made with the moto-mods a few years ago. However, these will be a lot cheaper when launched. Let’s just hope they will be as good as they seem right now.

First, let’s talk about the phone itself. The Doogee S90 is a very standard Chinese rugged smartphone for the end of 2018 or the start of 2019. It comes with a Helio P60 chipset, similar to the Ulefone Armor 6 or the Umidigi Z2 Pro. It comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The S90 has a 6.2″ FullHD+ screen with a notch at the top. On the back, you get a fingerprint reader as well as two cameras having a 16MP sensor and an 8MP sensor. The notch on the front holds the selfie camera that has an 8MP sensor. As with other smartphones equipped with the Helio P60, AI enhancements and beautification for the camera is advertised. Dual 4G connectivity is here, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and again NFC and wireless charging. Everything is powered by a 5050mAh battery that promises at least 3 days of usage. I must also add that the Doogee S90 is a rugged smartphone with IPS68 rating. All in all, it is a nice mid-range device, even without taking into account the modules that will be available.

Gaming Module

The most interesting module advertised is the gamepad module. It will hold the device and offer extra buttons as well as a joystick for better gaming on the go. Even though the smartphone has special connectors for mounting the modules, this one will communicate with the main device via Bluetooth. An interesting choice and I hope that it will offer better connectivity (or unique features) compared to other 3rd party modules out there.

Powerpack Module

Even though the phone has a rather big battery, some people, especially those that travel a lot, may need more juice on one charge. With this in mind, Doogee S90 will come with an external battery that is mounted on the back of the device, essentially doubling the capacity. Now, the extra 5000mAh battery pack will add quite a lot of thickness to the already big phone, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And on the plus side, you don’t have to put it on until you actually need it.

Night vision Module

This is another module that is very interesting, however, it is not what you may be expecting. Mounting it will improve image quality when taking night shots. This is not the gree night vision used in documentaries, but an accessory meant to help with those outdoor shots at the campfire. It will be interesting to see how well it will perform.

Walkie-talkie module

This mod is very useful for hikes or journeys in remote areas where GSM signal is very weak or non-existent. It will allow you to use the phone as a walkie-talkie so that you can communicate with others that have such devices. Doogee sais that the range is up to 6KM when using this module. Not professional-grade levels, but should be good enough for amateur hikers.

Pricing and availability

So far we know almost everything there is to know about the Doogee S90. One thing that I did not mention yet is the price. The phone alone will cost you $299 at launch, however, if you get the accessories pack, you can get the phone, night vision camera, battery module, and walkie-talkie module for just $399. That is an excellent price considering all that you get. No pricing yet on the gaming module, but we will keep you updated. Doogee decided to use Kickstarter to launch the S90. The page will go up on the 15th of January. We will have more information then. More details at Doogee’s official website.


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