Doogee S90 will have a 5G module + Night Vision camera comparison

Well, this is the second article about the Doogee S90 modular smartphone in the same amount of days, but we just got hold of some interesting developments related to this smartphone. Like we already know, the S90 will be a modular phone where you can attach certain modules to add extra features to the device. This is something that Motorola tried quite successfully in the past. We already know about the modules that will be available at launch, battery pack, walkie-talkie, night vision camera, and gamepad, but today Doogee revealed that a 5G module is also in the works. More details about the phone can be read in the original article.

Doogee S90 5G module

The 5G module will attach on the back of the device just like all the other and will allow the Doogee S90 to use 5G connectivity when needed. According to the company, when this module is attached, the phone will automatically switch to 5G during more demanding tasks like downloading videos or other big files. Under normal circumstances, the standard 4G will be used. The only downside is that this module will add quite a few extra millimeters to the thickness of the device.

The module will use the new Mediatek 5G modem that promises download speed of up to 3.5Gbps. Pricing is not yet revealed for this, but it will be available for purchase sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2019. According to Doogee, other modules are also in development. Will keep you updated once we find more information related to them. If the extra thickness is something you can lie with, then the Doogee S90 with the 5G module is something worth checking out.

Doogee S90 Night vision camera comparison

Yesterday we said that this is not the standard night vision that you may be thinking off. Instead, it is a third camera with a bigger Sony sensor and a bigger lens designed to capture more light. This will result in more details being available when taking photos. Doogee added a video where they compare the amount of details and available information to the night vision module compared to (a little outdated) iPhone 8 Plus. Now, this is not an apples-to-apples comparison and any comparison done by the manufacturer itself should be taken with a grain of salt, however, the technology to achieve this is plausible, especially considering how big the sensor and lens are, as opposed to a normal phone camera. Also, keep in mind that this is only a 2MP sensor, so picture size will be quite small.

Doogee Kickstarter campaign

The Doogee S90 and the first batch of modules will be released on Kickstarter first. The campaign will start on on the 15th of January, but we have the page with all the details and perks.
The phone will cost $299 for the super early bird perk. You can get the modules for the prices below, but there is also a perk to get all the modules (except the gamepad one) and the phone for just $399. This includes the wireless charger, walkie-talkie, night vision camera, and battery pack.

Not bad at all, but if you just want the phone and one or two modules, you can check the prices below:
* Wireless Charger – $29
* Gamepad Module – $29
* Powerbank Module – $39
* Walkie-talkie Module – $49
* Night Vision Cam Module – $59

Below you also have an unboxing video of the phone with the extra modules. The Kickstarter page can be found at this link.

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