Could this be the first leak of the OnePlus 7?

An image has surfaced on the internet that looks like the first leak of the OnePlus 7 smartphone. It was initially reported on but the post was later deleted. The image, however, was saved and now available at multiple sources. The phone is not expected to be revealed until May or June, however, prototypes that are close to final should already be available inside the company. The image is plausible, but since in the image the device is in what seems to be a prototype case, we can’t know for sure.

Still, it is worth looking over it and speculate. We don’t see a notch on the device, but the case is taller than the device and has holes for possible cameras. Based on this we can say that the Oneplus 7 may have a sliding mechanism. We don’t know if it is manual (similar to the Xiaomi Mi MIx 3) or a motorized one (similar to the Oppo Find x), but I am sure we will soon discover more. We don’t see the lower half of the device or the smartphone outside of the case, so speculations end here.

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