Oppo may release a smartphone with 10x optical zoom this month

Oppo announced that on January 16th it will hold the “OPPO 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference”. The tagline for this conference is “Ten for the See”, which hints at a smartphone that has a 10x optical zoom. Under normal circumstances, we would be skeptical of such claims, but last month it was leaked that Oppo has a patent for such a device and they already had a prototype of a smartphone with 5x lossless zoom back in 2017. The patent features a mirror and a camera positioned parallel to the device in order to be able to move the lenses and the sensor to achieve the zoom.

On normal smartphone cameras there is no room to move the lenses in order to achieve proper zoom, but positioning the camera as Oppo has done in the leaked patent drawings solve this problem, at the cost of a more complex manufacturing process. Other specs related to the device are still unknown, but it won’t be long until we have all the details. Keep tight.

Source: GSMArena, TheLeaker

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