Mysterious Vivo “Waterdrop” device to be revealed next week

Vivo is planning to reveal a new device next week, on the 24th of January, according to a poster released today by the company. We don’t know what specs the device will have or what design Vivo chose for it, but the company says that this will change our conception of a smartphone. Those are quite some bold statements, but Vivo did manage to release a few interesting devices in the past and I won’t be that surprised if this smartphone will be quite unique compared to what other smartphones are on the market.

Some say that the Vivo “waterdrop” (as it is known internally) to be either the Vivo Apex 2 or a bold concept that will be transformed in a commercially available product in the coming months. Whatever the case may be, we are very excited to see what Vivo has to offer this time. More details will be revealed on the 24th and we will try to present everything as fast as possible and with as many details as we can gather.

Source: Weibo via Sparrowsnews

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