Oppo officially reveals 10x optical zoom for smartphone cameras

Today Oppo has officially announced that they have a working smartphone camera with 10x optical zoom, a feature that has been teased for a few days. In the images posted by Oppo we can see the camera mechanism that has a mirror and lenses that redirect the light parallel to the smartphone case. This position allows for a lot more space to arrange the lenses and the sensor inside the smartphone compared to a more traditional approach. The entire setup also has two more cameras and all three together will allow seamless transition between 1x and 10x zoom, without any loss in quality.

We don’t know when the first smartphone featuring this technology will be released, but according to Oppo they are ready for mass production of these cameras and should arrive ‘soon’ on the market in actual products that you can buy. A working sample is expected to hit the floors at MWC this year, but let’s not forget that even two years ago Oppo had a 5x zoom prototype that never materialized in an actual product. Things will be different this time, according to Oppo’s representatives.

Source: Engadget

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