Get the Huawei Honor Magic Smartwatch at a discount

The smartwatch market has been growing, slowly but steadily, in the past years. No company managed to get traction as well as Apple did, but that did not stop manufacturers from trying to compete, if not on functions, on pricing. In comes the Huawei Honor Magic, a smartwatch with useful functions and a very attractive price tag, costing less than half of what Apple charges for their offering.

Let’s look over the specs first. We get a circular 1.2″ AMOLED screen that supports touch input. The screen offers vivid colors, good color range and a lot more functions compared to a fitness tracker. The internal memory is small, only 128MB and you only get 16MP of RAM. Quite low-budget specs, however, the lightweight operating system should run well even on such modest specs. And the fact that the OS is simpler compared to Watch OS or Android Wear will improve battery life. Even though the Huawei Honor Magic smartwatch only has a 178mAh battery, it can last up to 5 days on a single charge.

Where it lacks on processing power, it wins on functionality. The Huawei Honor Magic watch comes with NFC that supports payment, a heartrate sensor that is also used for monitoring stress levels, GPS for location tracking and compatibility with both Android and iOS. Furthermore, the watch comes with different sports modes, including hiking, running, swimming and cycling. Yes, you read that right. The Huawei Honor Magic can be used while you are at the pool thanks to the IP68 rating for up to 5ATM.

If you are a sports person, this is a must-have device. The multitude of tracking options and statistical data that it offers will help you train better and longer. Usually, such devices cost quite a lot. Just look at the prices that most manufacturers charge, like Samsung or Apple. However, the Huawei Honor Magic smartwatch can be yours for just $130. Yes, you won’t get the same versatility that a full-fledged smartwatch has to offer, like complex apps, but the price is right. Also, the first 50 customers get another $10 discount when using the code CLGIERYD and the next 100 customers will receive $5 discount if they use the promo code MHZYWCOP. Interested? Get it at this webshop, with free shipping included.

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