Vivo Apex 2019 won’t have any physical buttons. Concept render available

Even though the Vivo Apex is scheduled to be released tomorrow, January 24th, we still don’t have any clear leaks about it. All we have is a promo video posted on TikTok and a concept render based on what we know so far. Vivo had a campaign where people were allowed to touch the smartphone, but not see it. Based on all the information, we may have important details already available…but some questions still remain to be answered.

Based on the video and on testimonials of people that had the chance to touch the device we know that Vivo Apex 2019 feels like a metal soap and has no physical buttons on either side. The charging port and 3.5mm jack also seem to be missing, making it a truly holeless smartphone. Quite a bold move from Apex, to not include any physical connections at all. Another mistery is the placement of the front facing camera. Will the device have dual screens, like the Vivo Nex Dual? Or maybe a motorized camera. Specs are still unknown as well, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Vivo has in planed with the Vivo Apex 2019.

Source: GSMArena and Ben Geskin

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