Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone appears on video, again

Xiaomi is working on hard on their foldable smartphone and the prototype that they have looks pretty close to a final, fully-functional device. The company’s co-founder, Lin Bin, has been recorded using the device and the video has been posted on multiple video streaming sites. As we can see in the video, everything seems to be working well and without any major hiccups.

It is the same device that was leaked not to loon ago. The smartphone does not fold in half, but three ways, backward, with the middle part remaining the main screen. When fully opened, we get a bigger device, with a 3:2 screen ratio and when folded it looks similar to a traditional smartphone. In the video posted, Lin Bin is watching some videos on TikTok and folds the device. The interface quickly manages to adapt to the new layout without any problems. Now, this is clearly still a prototype. The creases on the screen are visible and the folded parts of the display are still on when folded. Work on both hardware and software is needed, but with the speed that everything is moving on we can expect a final product to be released next year, or maybe even sooner.

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