Huawei plagiarized a music video to promote the MediaPad M3 Lite

We all know that Chinese companies tend to copy other products. It is no secret that many of the famous Chinese brands started as copy-cats of the original iPhones. Imitation is well spread among tech companies, being them Chinese or Korean or American. It is one thing to take an idea and build upon it to create something better, and something completely different to outright plagiarize a music video and use it as a promotion for your own products, without the original’s author permission.

Help! A company has copied my Cymatics video to sell ‘Huawei MediaPad’ tablets! Seen at Tesco Extra, UK.

If you are…

Posted by Nigel Stanford on Tuesday, 22 January 2019

And this time Huawei has done exactly that. The artist Nigel Stanford has posted the above image of with some comparisons between the music video for CYMATICS done by him and his crew, and an ad for Huawei’s MediaPad M3 Lite. The resemblance is obvious and there is little doubt that his video was used as inspiration for the ad. According to him, Huawei did not ask for permission to reproduce the video nor was he contact after the release. In the meantime the Huawei ad has been taken down from Youtube, but the image comparison and the original video can be seen here.

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