Smartphone market share top has 3 Chinese manufacturers

IDC has published the top smartphone manufacturers for 2018. In a market that shrank in the past year by 4.9%, some companies still managed to turn a profit and exceed expectations. Furthermore, Chinese manufacturers hold 3 of the top 5 positions when it comes to both growth and overall market share. This happened despite pressure from the US government on Huawei devices.

What is truly interesting is that from the top 5, only Chinese companies had growth in the last quarter. Samsung and Apple sold a lot fewer devices than expected. Samsung had a 5.5% decline in shipments in Q4 of 2018 and Apple had a whopping 11.5% decline in the same period. Huawei, on the other hand, saw a 33.6% increase in shipment and a 43.9% increase compared to the previous year. Xiaomi saw a 32.2% increase year-over-year and Oppo went up 1.3%. This, despite the fact that both Xiaomi and Oppo are just starting to reach Europe and US markets.

It will be very interesting to see how this top will change by the end of the year. Huawei has its eyes on the top stop by 2020, but with increasing pressure from the US and Europe and many allegations of espionage, it may be hard to achieve this goal. On the other hand, Xiaomi seems to be doing really well and if their plans to reach Europe and the US go well, we may see a new manufacturer in the top 3.

Source: IDC

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