Energizer unveils Ultimate series smartphone. They are Elephone rebrands

Energizer has been in the smartphone market for a few years now, and they continue to release new devices each year in the hopes to score some profit from this segment as well. Most of the devices up until now were smartphones with big batteries, as we expect from Energizer, a battery company. This year though, it seems they went for rebranded Elephone devices. Let’s take a look on the Ultimate lineup from Energizer.

Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop

This seems to be the best phone the company will offer. They went with the Helio P70 CPU, 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The 6.2″ screen offers a FullHD+ resolution and no notch. Instead, they went with a pop-up camera that has a 12MP sensor and a 2MP sensor. On the back, we have a triple camera setup with a 16MP + 5MP + 2MP sensors. The smallest one is a depth-sensing one. The fingerprint reader is mounted on the side of the device. The 3200mAh battery is not very big, but it does offer quick charge. Looking at the specs and at the image, it is clear that the Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop is a rebranded Elephone U2.

Energizer Ultimate U630S Pop

Next we have a similar looking device, but with lower specs. This time we get a Helio P22 chipset, 4GB of RAM and only 64GB of internal storage. The 6.3″ screen also has a modest 720p resolution. We still get a pop-up camera though and all the usual sensors. The cameras have been downgraded as well. The back camera having only two sensors of 16MP and 2MP. This time, it is the Elephone PX in disguise.

Energizer Ultimate U650S

This is the biggest phone Energiser will offer, having a 6.5″ screen. Sadly, it is only 720p and it has a tear-drop notch on the front to hold the 16MP selfie camera. It is powered by the same Helio P22 CPU, 4GB of ram but the internal storage has been bumped to 128GB.

Energizer Ultimate U620S

This one is very similar to the previous phone. It has a smaller screen (6.2″) but the same 720p resolution. The CPU this time is the MediaTek MT6765 chipset (a faster version of the Helio A22) and you get 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. This one has the biggest battery, at 4000mAh.

Energizer Ultimate U570S

The smallest device Energizer has to offer. It comes with a 5.7″ 720p screen with a waterdrop notch. It also has the smallest battery, at just 3000mAh.

The last three previous phones all come with a 16MP + 2MP camera on the back, a 16MP selfie camera and 720p screens. They are rebrands of the Elephone A6, A6 Max and A6 Mini.

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