Huawei to reveal a foldable smartphone at MWC

It seems that foldable smartphones will be hot this year. More and more manufacturers will reveal such devices in the upcoming months, even if only prototypes. Huawei won’t let others get too much ahead, so they too will announce such a smartphone. The event is scheduled for the 24th this month, right before MWC will start, in Barcelona. Furthermore, this device may also come with a 5G variant. Exciting times ahead.

The announcement was posted on Twitter yesterday. Furthermore, in a separate tweet, Huawei announced that we should prepare to see the first 5G foldable device. When will this smartphone be available for purchase, what specs will it have or for what price it will be sold are still unknown. Still, we can’t wait to see what Huawei (and others) have planned. Let’s just hope that the foldable-display tech is ready for consumer use, and not just a gimmick.

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