Is the Doogee Y8 the best Redmi Go alternative? Xiaomi Redmi Go vs Doogee Y8 comparison


Xiaomi made headlines in the past few days with the Redmi Go, a cheap smartphone that comes with Android Go. And by “cheap”, I mean really cheap, with the device being available for purchase for $80-$90. It may be hard to find a smartphone at this price range that can actually be used, but Xiaomi thinks they managed to do this. I, on the other hand, think that is not the case. In this article I will present my opinion related to the Xiaomi Redmi Go and why I don’t think it is not the “best-buy” device everyone is expecting. And to prove this, I will make a comparison between the Xiaomi Redmi Go and the Doogee Y8, another ultra-cheap smartphone that can be found for the same price as the Redmi Go.

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