RedMagic Mars gaming smartphone available in Europe and the US

A few months ago ZTE announced the Red Magic Mars gaming smartphone, a very cool looking device with great specs and RGB lighting. Nw, the company has officially started pre-order of the smartphone in the US and Europe. Considering the specs that the smartphone has, the price is very appealing, even if you are not a gamer.

Considering the intended usage of the Red Magic Mars, we can expect to have the best specs currently available. The smartphone does not disappoint at this chapter. It comes with the Snapdragon 845 CPU that is clocked slightly higher than normal. It also comes with 6GB, 8GB or even 10GB of RAM. The Red Magic Mars also comes with more than enough internal storage. The base model has 64GB, but the higher-end version comes with 256GB. The screen measures 6″ and comes with a FullHD+ resolution. Sadly, it is an LCD pannel (not AMOLED) and does not have the 120Hz refresh rate from the Raze phones, but that should not matter that much.

On the back of the device you get a single 16MP camera and on the front an 8MP selfie camera. Photography is not the main attraction of the Red Magic Mars, but should be good enough for most people, at least in good lighting conditions. On the back of the smartphone there is also a fingerprint reader and a RGB light strip that is customizable. The smartphone also has touch-sensitive shoulder buttons that can be mapped to different actions in-game, a very elaborate cooling system and advanced haptic feedback.

The design of the Nubia Red Magic Mars is very gaming-oriented. You have sharp edges everywhere, including the camera and the fingerprint reader, an RGB light strip that covers almost the entire height of the back of the phone, and it even comes in a high-tech camo color (however, that will set you back a few extra euros). The smartphone is very interesting, especially if you are a mobile gamer. Considering the specs and the features, the price that ZTE is selling it is not very steep. The base model that has 6GB/64GB is available in red or black colors for 389€/$, the mid version that has 8GB/128GB will set you back 439€/$ and the highest model, with 10GB/256GB and camo pattern is 549€/$. COnsidering the price, Nubia Red Magic Mars is the best gaming smartphone currently on the market. It is also one of the cheapest gaming smartphones right now.

Now, since this is pre-order period, ZTE is having a few promotions. You will be automatically entered in a “refund roulette” where 5 people will receive their money back, free VIP shipping on all orders and a reward crates that have, depending on available stock, DBrand skins, Redmagic stickers or Teammate gift cards. Furthermore, we have an EXCLUSIVE coupon code that will reduce the price an extra 20€/$. Just use our link and enter “AFFRMM20” during checkout. The Nubia Red Magic Mars can be bought at the official store.

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