Xiaomi Patent reveals a truly edge-to-edge smartphone is in the works

The patents that companies get usually gives us some indication on the direction their products will head to. Now we find out that Xiaomi has got a patent for a smartphone design that has a full edge-to-edge screen, no notches, and the screen is curved on all 4 sides. It is not something we did not see partially in other products, but the render that was made looks really cool.

Now, this Xiaomi device may still be just an idea, but hopefully, they have at least a working prototype. My bet is that this is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, however, only time will tell. We do get a charging port (USB Type-C), however, there are no buttons on the side of the device at all. Furthermore, there does not seem to be a front-facing camera anywhere and no sliding mechanism either. If this is a working smartphone, the camera may be underneath the screen. If indeed this is the Xiaomi Mi Mix, it will be a gorgeous smartphone. Still, I am keeping my money for Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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