ZTE launches a new Android TV Box

ZTE has announced that they will be soon offering a new TV box for sale. The device will come with a quad-core CPU and five-core GPU, capable of playing 4K@60FPS videos. Official CPU model was not revealed, but considering the specs and what usually comes in this type of devices, we assume that it is an Amlogic chipset. The storage space and RAM quantity were not released either, however, the new ZTE TV Box will probably come with the either 2GB or 4GB of RAM.

The company will focus on AI apparently for their TV Box. What that means is unsure at this type, but we do know that it will come with Android TV so I guess that Google Assistant will be built in. The device is known, for now, just as B866V2 and pricing was not revealed. Hopefully, it will be a good competitor for the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

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