Xiaomi’s foldable phone will cost $1000

Foldable smartphones are the next big trend, but as expected, the first generation will have a premium price. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is around $2000 and Huawei’s Mate X surpasses that, at about $2300. Xiaomi, however, wants to get their smartphone into as many hands as possible when it will eventually launch. And to do this, they will price it very aggressively, at just $1000.

According to GSMArena, a report by iGyaan claims that the launch prices for the Xiaomi Mi Flex or Xiaomi Mi Fold (name not sure yet) will be as follows: $999 in the US, €999 in Europe, and INR 74,999 ($1,087) in India. This is by far the cheapest foldable smartphone we heard of and if they manage to get it at that price, it will surely make an impact. The will manage to get the price so low because the flexible OLED displays will be manufactured by Visionox Technology, however, it is unclear if those will have the same quality as the screens in Samsung’s and Huawei’s devices.

Eventually, pricing for foldable smartphones will come down and in 2 or 3 years they may become the norm. Let’s see if Xiaomi can do this sooner.

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