Pre-order the OUKITEL C13 Pro and get the cheapest Android Pie smartphone on the market

There is a big market for cheap Android phones. Just ask Xiaomi, Umidigi and Elephone, companies that all have $200 smartphones available. However, there are people that can’t afford even such devices or people that need a secondary/back-up smartphone that can be as cheap as possible, but still decent enough to be used. How low can the price go? Well, Xiaomi has the Redmi Go available at approximately $70, but that runs a slimmed down version of Android and has really modest specs.

In comes Oukitel, a company that is not very famous, but has some interesting device. It’s latest budget smartphone is the Oukitel C13 Pro and cost right now just $69.99, making it a direct competitor for the Xiaomi Redmi Go. At this price we can’t expect a lot, but the little device still manages to offer decent specifications, especially when compared to other smartphones in the same price range. You get a quad-core Mediatek MT6739 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Don’t expect to game on it, but two years ago such a device would have been triple in price.

The screen is not very impressive, having a 480×996 resolution at a 6.18″ diagonal. It also has a notch on the top, similar to the one present on the iPhone. On the back of the device, the Oukitel C13 Pro has an 8MP+5MP camera setup capable of filming in FullHD@30fps, and on the front, there is a 5MP camera. The picture quality will not win any awards, but then again, you are not buying this device for its top-of-the-line specifications.

What is impressive though is that, despite the price and decent CPU, RAM and storage, you also get a fingerprint reader, dual-band Wi-Fi, a microSD card slot, an audio jack, a 3000mAh battery and all the traditional sensor. It also comes with stock Android 9 out of the box, making it one of the cheapest smartphones on the market to run the latest version of the OS. If you are interested in the Oukitel C13 Pro, you can pre-order it at this store. Hurry up though, after the first 500 pre-order, the price will go up at $74.99.

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