[Tutorial] Xiaomi Smartphone: migrate from Chinese ROM to Global ROM

If you bought a Xioami Device recently, there are chances that it came with a moded Chinese ROM that has some apps in Chinese or does not have Play Store installed. If this is the case, then fear not, since your device can be saved. The procedure is not very risky, but it will void your warranty. This should work with most Xiaomi devices out there without any problems. I will be using the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 as an example.

DISCLAIMER You are doing this on your own risk. We are not responsible for any possible damages to your smartphone. An incorrect procedure can result in a bricked device.

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Link device with your MI account

The first thing you need to do is unlock your bootloader. Download the Xiaomi Unlocker software from Xiaomi’s website. Next, add your smartphone to your MIUI Account. To do this, you will first need to enable developer options. So go to ‘Setting > My Device > All Specs’. Tap on MIUI version 7 times. This will enable additional settings options.
Next, go to Settings > Developer Options > Unlock Status. Here, you can add your device by connecting to your MI Account.

Unlock Bootloader

Once this was done, you can run the Xiaomi Unlocker application that was downloaded earlier. Connect to your MI account by entering the username and password.
Next, power off your device and boot into fastboot. This is done by pressing the Volume Down + Power simultaneously. On the smartphone screen should be an image with Xiaomi’s mascot and the Android logo. It should also read FASTBOOT underneath. Once there, connect your smartphone to the PC using a USB cable.

On the Xiaomi unlocker application, press the “Unlock” button. Assuming that the device is properly connected, the unlock process should start. Keep in mind that this will erase everything on the device. It will restore it to factory settings and you will lose any apps, setting, and files. Make backups of your important files prior to doing this.
First time doing this, you will most probably get an error saying that you have to wait 72 hours. This is a security measure by Xiaomi in order to make sure that you indeed want to unlock your bootloader. If you get this message, come back in three days.

Welcome back. Try to unlock again and now everything should be OK. Congratulations! You Xiaomi smartphone has the bootloader unlocked and you can flash the Global ROM.

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Flashing the MIUI Global ROM

There are multiple ways of doing this. For more advanced people, you can install a custom Recovery (TWRP). In this article, I will not touch the Recovery but will live it default.
Now, first you need to download the MIUI Global Fastboot ROM. This is NOT the one from the normal MIUI Download page. The ROM can be downloaded sources. There is the Offical MIUI Forum Page, or, the one I recommend, the MiFirm website. Download the one for your device and extract it somewhere on your PC. In the main folder should be multiple *.bat and *.sh files as well as a folder named “Images”.

Next, download the MiFlash Tool application. You can either install it or you can download the portable version from this page. After that, run the application.

Boot into fastboot on your smartphone and connect it to your PC. In the MiFlash Tool, hit refresh. Press the select button and browse to the extracted ROM (the folder with the *.bat files and the images folder). Select your device from the list.
IMPORTANT! Down, select “Clean all” option. DO NOT SELECT “CLEAN ALL AN LOCK”!

Hit Flash! Once done, the phone should reboot int he main OS. Congratulations! You now have the global ROM.

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Steps (short version)

  1. Download and install the Xiaomi Unlocker from here
  2. Setting > My Device > All Specs
  3. Tap MIUI Version 7 times
  4. Settings > Developer Options > Unlock Status
  5. Add account and device
  6. Boot into fastboot
  7. Connect device to PC
  8. Press “Unlock” (wait 72 hours if error message and try again)
  9. Download MIUI Fastboot Global ROM from here and extract it
  10. Download MIFlash Tool from here
  11. Boot into Fastboot
  12. Connect device to PC
  13. Select the extracted ROM folder
  14. Select device
  15. Press “Flash”
  16. Enjoy MIUI Global ROM

14 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Xiaomi Smartphone: migrate from Chinese ROM to Global ROM”

  1. hi, at Mifirms, there are many ROM files that does not have bat files inside and thus can not be opened by MiFlash tool. Then how to Flash ROM?

  2. Salut! Indicațiile de mai sus funcționează! Mi-au trimis un telefon mi 9 și este în chinese ..vreau sa ii schimb setările. Chiar funcționează ? Exista riscuri mari?

    1. As with all re-flashing of firmware, there is a risk. The steps work, but there is always the possibility of bricking your device. Furthermore, this requires you to unlock your bootloader, which voids any warranty. Also, some apps that do Safetynet checks may not work without further workarounds.

  3. brooooooooooooooo
    when i go to unlock status its asking me to turnoff the wifi and i have my swiss SIM inside the phone and im living in dubai so what should i do >?? i dont have data in my swiss sim card

  4. another questing
    i have mi9 the explorer edition the 12 gb ram
    should i download mi9 package ?
    or there any other package for this mobile ?

  5. hey, im quite new to all this stuff and im just trying to flash global rom onto my Note 8 pro. So if the error message happens i can just leave my phone and try again later?

    1. What error message do you get? If the Flash Tools sais that you have to wait 72 hours, then yes, just use the phone as normal for the next few days, and after that, you should be able to unlock it.

    1. .tgz I believe is an archive. Depending on where you got the file from, it may not be an official ROM, but a custom one. In that case, you will need to flash a custom recovery as well.

  6. Hi All,
    the miflash keep prompting me to install driver. When i clicked install and nothing happened. Anyone can help me please.

  7. Thank you so much for this! I do have a question, though. I’m trying to download the global ROM from mifirm, but I can’t find the actual ‘button’ to hit to get it to download. All it says it to hit the captcha to download and I can’t find what they refer to as the captcha. Any suggestions?

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