Xiaomi shows 100W charging tech for smartphones

Today was a big day for Huawei. They announced the new Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro smartphones that focus on photography. You can read about them all over the internet, on bigger sites that have better coverage than we can currently offer. So I am not going to talk about this. Instead, I am going to focus on a smaller news item that many may have skipped. Xiaomi shows a demo of their next fast charging technology, and it is awesome.

In a video posted by them on Facebook, they demo their new tech that is capable of completely charging a 4000mAh battery in 17 minutes. That is a lot of juice that needs to be pumped, and Xiaomi thinks they have the solution. The smartphones are turned off and with the batteries depleted. Next, they start to charge them simultaneously. One is using Xiaomi’s new 100W charging tech, while the other is using a competitor’s method (that was not disclosed). Quite impressive if you ask me. It is unknown when this new technology will be ready for consumers and what impact does it have on battery life, but hopefully it won’t take long until we have a Xiaomi smartphone capable of such features.

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