Pre-Order the Doogee N10 for just $79.99

There are many that (sadly) can’t afford a high-end smartphone. On the bright side, cheap one have gotten a lot better in the past year and nowadays a sub-$100 device can perform decent enough to be used daily. Yes, you won’t get the greatest user experience, and some applications may lag, high-end games will not work at all and obviously, cameras won’t match what Samsung, Huawei or Apple can. Still, for web navigation, email and instant messaging, such a smartphone can be quite handy.

Such a device is available for pre-order from Doogee. The latest Doogee N10 can be bought for just $79.99 right now and it offers good specs, if we consider the price. It comes with a SC9863A CPU that has an octa-core configuration. Four of the cores are Cortex-A55 clocked at 16.GHz and the other four are Cortex-A55 clocked at 1.2GHz. The chipset is made by UNISOC, a company that we rarely see. Most cheap devices go with Mediatek. I have little information about this CPU, but it should be OK for most low and mid level tasks. Especially since the device is paired with 3GB of RAM.

The screen has a 5.84″ diagonal and surprisingly, it has a FullHD+ resolution, something that we rarely see at devices that don’t reach the $100 mark. The screen has a notch at the top, and it is not the smaller waterdrop version, but we can’t really complain. The cameras are decent as well. On the back there is a 16MP+13MP camera capable of filmig at FullHD resolution and on the front the Doogee N10 has a 16MP camera, perfect for selfies. The battery has a 3320mAh capacity and no quick charge, but the N10 does come with dual-4G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and even a fingerprint reader on the back.

There are a few things that could be better. The CPU is OK, but not very powerful, despite the octa-core configuration and the device only has 32GB of internal storage. Yes, you can expand it with a microSD card, so at least we still have that. Another thing that I don’t like is that it ships with Android 8.1 and I don’t see the Doogee N10 receiving a major update. But, for $79.99, it will prove very useful for someone that doesn’t want to spend too much on a smartphone, but still get a decent device. Interested? You can get it from Banggood right now, with shipping starting at the end of the month.

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