Honor lost a prototype phone and is offering a reward for its return

Well, this is awkward… Someone working for Honor lost a prototype smartphone and is now offering a 5000 Euros reward to whoever returns the device. The device was lost by an employee on the train between Düsseldorf and München. To be more precise, it is the train ICE 1125 that lives Düsseldorf at 6:06 and arrives in München at 11:08. Most probably the person carrying it was doing the morning commute to work.

No information is revealed related to how the device looks and, being a prototype, its design may not even be final. However, since the phone is in a gray protective case that intentionally hides the aspect of the smartphone and, according to the tweet that announced the event, covers the front facing camera, the device should stand out. We will have to see if the smartphone is returned or if it will appear on some tech website in the near future. This is not the first time a prototype gets lost, multiple companies, including Apple, had similar incidents in the past.

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