In-Display fingerprint readers will soon arrive on LCD displays

In-display fingerprint readers were so far only available for OLED displays. LCD screens could not house such a feature due to the fact that they have the backlight underneath and the camera can’t “see” your finger. Things will change very soon though. A Chinese company, Fortsense, has demonstrated a fingerprint reader that will work on LCD displays as well. How exactly they managed this was not revealed, but the tech will apparently be cheap enough that mid-range devices could benefit from it.

The company managed to solve the interference that LCD capacitors have on the fingerprint reader that is usually underneath the display and already provided demos, pricing, and availability to smartphone manufacturers in China. The tech could be present on devices in the second half of this year. This will pave the way for cheap Android phones with in-display fingerprint readers. We don’t know yet how fast or accurate this tech is, but hopefully, it will manage to compete with the OLED versions.

Source: Sudhanshu Ambhore

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