Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro Kit Unboxing

When buying a gaming smartphone you must get a dedicated controller for it. otherwise, you could just stick with a flagship device from another company. Yes, a gaming smartphone does offer some other advantages and yes, you can use a controller on other Android devices as well, but it is much more convenient and comfortable to use the dedicated controller for the device you are using. And I am happy to say that Xiaomi also offers a dedicated controller for the Black Shark 2, essentially turning your smartphone int a smaller Nintendo Switch. Let’s unbox the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro Kit.

Here, we have the boxes. Three of them. One for the left controller, one for the right controller and a third one that is a protective case and controller holder.

Opening the boxes we can see the items. Same black and gree colors are used, as for the smartphone.

Getting them out of the box will allow us to admire them freely and capture them from more angles.

The cover is made of plastic with a glossy middle that has a carbon fiber pattern and a semi-matte finish on the rest of the body. It has quite a “hump” and ads a bit of extra thickness.

The controllers have a different button configuration. The left one has a directional joystick and four buttons for up, down, left and right. The right one has a trackpad and other four buttons: X, Y, A, B. An “arrow” button is present on each that will open the configuration menu when in-game.

Both of the controllers also have two top buttons for LB, LT and RB, RT respectively. On the bottom of each, there is a power switch and a charging port that is USB Type-C.

The controllers feel really nice in hand and seem to be of high quality. A full review will be posted in the following days. In the meantime, you can read our Xiaomi Black Shark 2 review here.

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