Xiaomi UK sends a Redmi Note 7 in space

Xiaomi wanted to really get the public’s attention and make their new Redmi Note 7 smartphone known. In a publicity stunt, Xiaomi UK tied a Redmi Note 7 to a high-altitude balloon and send it (almost) to space, reaching an altitude of 35,375m. That is high enough to see the blackness of space and earth curvature. In total, 5 Redmi Note 7s were placed in a harness and launched. One was the one seen in the video below, another one was used for taking the photos and three others were completely turned off.

Since the phones were at an altitude this great, there was obviously no network signal. To take the photos, the team installed an application that took a picture every 10 seconds. The smartphone managed to get these stunning images. Keep in mind though that the Redmi Note 7 that was responsible for taking the photos was placed into a temperature and radiation isolation chamber. This was needed since the temperatures were as low as -53 degrees Celcius.

Still, even without any protection, the Redmi Note 7 managed to survive the trip. In the video, we can clearly see that the phone that was left completely outside was still functional when it reached the ground, after traveling more than 193km in total. Not bad for a smartphone that can be found for just over $200.

Source: Xiaomi

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