UMIDIGI using photos taken with the Huawei P30 Pro to promote the UMIDIGI A5 Pro

UMIDIGI announced a new smartphone a few weeks ago that will come with a wide-angle camera lens. The UMIDIGI A5 Pro will be a mid-range smartphone that, according to UMIDIGI will be capable of taking great photos. Furthermore, thanks to the wide-angle camera, it will be able to capture more of the surrounding environment compared to other smartphones. To show off this feature, the company posted two photos on their Facebook page where one of the images was allegedly taken using the wide-angle camera and the other without. You can see the post below.

Now, UMIDIGI is claiming that the photos were taken using their A5 Pro smartphone. The wide-angle camera even has the watermark “Shot on the A5 Pro” in the bottom-left corner. However, this is not the case. The photo that is presented there was actually taken using the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone almost a month ago (article posted on the 22nd of April) during a review of the camera by, a Chinese tech website. You can read the review on their website and, if you scroll down, you will actually see the image. Furthermore, the image (and three more using the same model) was actually used by Huawei on their Weibo page to promote their P30 line-up. Looking carefully we can actually see that the iamge has been cropped so that the Weibo logo from Huawei’s post was removed.

We contacted Umidigi for clarifications and waiting for a reply. We will update the article when they write back.

One thought on “UMIDIGI using photos taken with the Huawei P30 Pro to promote the UMIDIGI A5 Pro”

  1. Cheating is Umidigi business strategy.
    I bought that Umidigi A5 Pro last August on Aliexpress. It was defective and last only eight month.
    In accordance with declared one year guaranree I made warranty claim but they avoided responsibility.
    Buying Umidigy cell phone is waste of money.
    Communication with Umidigy is waste of time.
    I only wonder why Aliexpress provide platform to such cheaters.

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