Xiaomi is testing “sky replacement” feature in the MIUI Gallery app

Enhancing your photos using AI is a trend that really caught speed in the past few months. More and more manufacturers rely on AI to enhance your photos and deliver higher-quality images. The enhancements done to the photos pose some ethical questions, like “what is real and what is AI generated”. Now, expect to go even further. As reported by XDA, a beta gallery application from MIUI will alter the images even further, after they have been taken.

The gallery app will have a “sky replacement” feature that will completely change the sky, clouds and even lighting in your images. In the video above we can see a limited preview of what the application can do. The results look promising and of high quality, but we will have to analyze the image in full resolution to see how well the edit was done. At this scale, we can’t see any artifacts or errors properly if there are any. At first, the sky replacement feature will come to upcoming devices “raphael”, “davinci” and “pyxis”, but probably it will arrive for other smartphones as well. Also, we expect that in the future there will be even more edit options available.

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