Xiaomi mocks the OnePlus 7 Pro on social media

OnePlus has evolved a lot since it’s debut. The original OnePlus one was extremely competitive for that time from a price to performance ratio. It has some minuses and lacked a few features that flagships back then had, but the price made it very attractive for many buyers. Since then, the gap in pricing between a OnePlus smartphone and a flagship device from other manufacturers has shrunk. OnePlus still offers a really good price to performance ratio, but it is no longer the “flagship killer” that the company originally offered.

Xiaomi saw this and wanted to profit. In a post by Redmi India, OnePlus is congratulated for the new release. Don’t get fooled though, since the company is attacked for the price it set on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The message is signed by “The real flagship killer 2.0”. A hint at the upcoming flagship by Redmi is offered in the form of the number “855” and a “coming soon” text. Not a bad marketing stunt to be honest. Furthermore, this offers some insight on the pricing that we can expect for the first flagship device offered by Redmi: below $700. Keep in mind though that probably some features from the OnePlus 7 Pro will be missing, like the UFS3.0 storage and 90Hz refresh-rate OLED screen.

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