OnePlus 5/5t to receive Android Q beta soon. OnePlus 6/6t closed beta underway

The OnePlus 3 and 3t just received the Android Pie stable upgrade and it seems like the developers from OnePlus are hard at work on their next software upgrades, even though it is for newer devices. In an official post on the Chinese OnePlus Forum, the company confirmed that a closed beta for the OnePlus 6 and 6t with Android Q is underway. Furthermore, the 5 and 5t devices are scheduled to receive a beta for the new Android version soon, but no official date was yet available.

Other new features will also be released soon for these devices, maybe even sooner than the Android Q ROM. Among them is a new gaming mode where the phone blocks all incoming calls and notifications (with a few exceptions: alarms, low battery, and countdowns). In the Chinese market, it will be called “Fnatic Game Mode” but the name may change for the international version. The “Meditation Mode” will also be available where the phone is placed in a “disconnected” mode for 20 minutes. During this period you won’t be able to use your phone, read your email or SMS messages. Perfect for taking a break from all the agitation a smartphone can generate.

The screen recording feature that was very appreciated on the OnePlus 7 pro will also arrive on older smartphones. A DC Dimming feature will be added that will adjust screen brightness by limiting the power send to the display. This feature may result in color anomalies, so using it may not be always recommended. And last but not least, all 4 devices will receive a “RAM Boost” option where the memory consumption is optimized based on usage patterns. All the features were so far only confirmed for the Chinese ROM, but we expect that they will be available in the international version as well.

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