Umidigi has sold more than 10.000 A5 Pro units in 48 hours

Yesterday we notified you about a special promotion for the Umidigi A5 Pro, a cheap smartphone that has a triple camera setup, including one with a wide-angle lens. The special promotion has lasted for 48 hours and it seems that the reception was really good. Umidigi posted that they sold more than 10.000 units of Umidigi A5 Pro smartphone and total sales (including for other smartphones they had on sale) was $1150000. The sum is impressive considering that the company is not as big as Samsung, Apple or Huawei.

To celebrate, Umidigi has a new offer that will last for the next few days. The price has increased slightly for the A5 Pro, but it is still a very attractive smartphone at just under $100. This way they hope that more people will pre-order the device. My hope is that they will offer better support compared to their other smartphones. Interested in the device? Head over to their official store and grab it right now.

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