OnePlus 7 pro suffers from ‘ghost touch’ problems, according to multiple users

It seems that the first batch of OnePlus 7 pros may be having a few problems. Right now it is unclear if it is a hardware problem with the screen digitizer or if it is a software problem that can be fixed with an update, but some users are reporting ghost touches on their units. The problem was reported by Android Central and they even had the exact same issue on one of their test units.

To offer more details, users are saying that sometimes the phone will report a touch somewhere in the upper part of the screen, even if the user is typing on the screen or using a different app without any interactions on that portion of the display. The problem is very inconsistent in the duration as well. Sometimes it lasts for a few seconds only, otherwise for a few minutes, even after the screen is turned off and back on. Users are reporting that the CPU-Z application triggers this behavior much more frequently and is a good way to test your device. Why this happens in that specific application a lot more often is unknown.

Hopefully, this is just a driver problem and with a software update, it will be fixed. Android Central has reached out to OnePlus for more details and they will report back once an answer is received.

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