Redmi K20 Pro will have audio jack, dual-frequency GPS, HiRes Audio. Will start at just $375

The upcoming REdmi K20 looks to be quite a beast. Xiaomi (Redmi) was not lying when they said that their device will be a true flagship killer. More and more leaks and information appears online related to this smartphone and all are good. We knew for quite some time that the Redmi K20 Pro will have an OLED screen and in-display fingerprint reader as well as the latest Snapdragon 855 CPU. Today more news was released and all are good.

First, it was posted that the device will come with a 3.5mm Audio Jack. The information was posted on Weibo and later confirmed by the company with a full statement. This is good news for anyone that still prefers traditional headphones and did not make the switch to Bluetooth. Furthermore, the Redmi K20 Pro will have HiRes Audio certification for better quality audio during playback. Next, we discovered that the Redmi K20 Pro will come with dual-frequency GPS, a feature that was until now only seen on flagship devices that cost a lot more than this. Dual-frequency GPS allows the smartphone to better communicate with the satellites and has a higher degree of accuracy, less than 1m.

Looking at the specs I won’t be surprised if you expect the K20 Pro to cost way over $500, but Redmi really wants to get new customers so they are pricing it very aggressive. In a leak, the prices practiced in China for the device were shown and the base model will start at just $375 (conversion to USD). This price is for the 6GB+64GB model. Going a bit more expensive will be the 6GB+128GB model that will start at $405 and the highest version with 8GB+128GB will go for $435. official pricing outside of China was not announced, but we don’t expect them to be a lot higher than these.

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