Xiaomi Black Shark 2 receives software update. New animations, features and improvements

Today Xiaomi released the second update for the Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone. The device had some software problems in the past but with each update, it gets better and better. This update adds some new features to the device and fixes some existing bugs in the system. Furthermore, it updates the security patch to 2019-04-05.

Two new features were added to the display settings. Now the device has a better adaptive display that adjusts screen settings based on light conditions. Furthermore, a new “Sunshine” enhancement was added that makes the screen easily readable in sunlight. New settings were added for the in-display fingerprint reader. Initially there was only one unlock animation but now Xiaomi added three more, including ones that has two colors. Also, settings related to displaying the fingerprint reader position when asking for unlock were added.

Other stuff present in the update includes fixes for camera stability (an issue that I encountered a couple of times), better focusing for the camera, optimizations for cellular and network handling as well as better HDR. Some features present in MIUI are still missing, for example theme support, but glad to see that Xiaomi is starting to improve JoyUI and hopefully in a few months it may be as good as MIUI or OxygenOS.

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