Meizu provided list of smartphones that will receive FlymeOS 7.3

Meizu has its own version of Android called FlymeOS. Similar to Xiaomi and its MIUI, FlymeOS offers a deep level of customization on top of vanilla Android as well as some features. But having to maintain your own software can become tricky, especially if you are a small company. Meizu, however, is not that small and it seems that they have the resources to upgrade quite a few smartphones, including older ones, to their latest software: FlymeOS 7.3. This will be the final version of Flyme 7, with Flyme 8 being scheduled to be released in the near future.

*Meizu Note8
*Meizu PRO 7 (High edition)
*Meizu M6
*Meizu PRO 6S
*Meizu PRO 6
*Meizu PRO 5
*Meizu MX6
*Meizu E3
*Meizu M6 Note
*Meizu M5 Note
*Meizu M3e
*Meizu Max
*Meizu 15 Plus
*Meizu PRO 6 Plus
*Meizu PRO 7
*Meizu PRO 7 Plus
*Meizu M6S
*Meizu 15
*Meizu M15

Source: Gizmochina via MyDrivers

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