Xiaomi Mi9T officially announced. Could be a re-branding of Redmi K20

Xiaomi revealed today that the Mi9T smartphone is ready to launch and will be arriving soon. Sadly, no other information was offered but judging from the timing and the teaser images posted on social media, it could be a rebranding of the Redmi K20 and the Redmi k20 Pro smartphones released just two days ago. This makes sense from many perspectives and will help Xiaomi secure a wider audience outside of China.

The Redmi K20 and K20 pro smartphones released only offered pricing in China and there was no global release date provided during the keynote. It seems that Xiaomi decided to offer the smartphones only in their home country and instead launch the Mi9T and Mi9T Pro in other countries as substitute. And when we say “substitute” we actually mean the same devices but under a different name. Xiaomi is well known in Europe and already officially present in a few European countries. Having the K20 and K20 pro officially imported under their brand there will help the company get a lot of new customers, considering they keep the aggressive pricing scheme.

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